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Whether you are a businessman, a managing director, a chief executive or a manager of HR department we have something that you need. If you want to achieve your business goals you need to have always-ready-for-work stuff. All employees must lead so called proper way of life which means not using heavy drugs and overdosing alcohol during their working week. You must be sure that all work will be done in time and it depends on the mental and physical state of the employees. Therefore employees pass reasonable suspicion tests, return-to-duty and follow-up tests. Reasonable suspicion tests are conducted when company observers or supervisors observe appearance or behavior which characterizes alcohol misuse or drug use. Return-to-duty tests are held when employees return to their working place and follow-up tests are not announced. Tests checking the level of professionalism and skills are not enough! We offer you special alcohol tests, drug tests (urine, hair and oral fluid testing), forensic tests, xalex drug testing kits to for applicants and employees' testing.
Drug tests detect the presence of amphetamine, propoxyphene, barbiturates, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, opiates, cannabinoids, methaqualone, cocaine metabolite, methadone, ethanol and other drugs in your organism within 72 hours after the drug use. You should know the period of detection for different drugs. The following information are general because it depends on method of drug usage, length of usage, body fat, body size, metabolism, fluid intake, tolerance and other factors.

The name of the drug Detection time


6-24 hours


2-5 days

Ecstasy (Euphorics, MDMA)

1-3 days

Marijuana (THC)

7-30 days


1-4 days


2-3 days


3-5 days


1-4 days


1 day to 3 weeks


3-5 days


3-7 days

Steroids (anabolic)

14-30 days

Phencyclidine (PCP)

2-4 days


14 days

On your disposal are alcohol saliva tests, THC marijuana drug test urine cassettes, 5 panel multi drug urine test kits (THC/COC/AMP/OPI/PCP), cotinine/nicotine/tobacco urine tests, oral fluid multi-drug saliva tests, 5 panel drug test EZ split cup with adulteration tests, opiate and ecstasy drug tests kits, drug detection spray kits and many others.
As well as drug, alcohol, xalex and forensic tests we offer you:

For all kinds of such tests you need:
  • No special equipment and laboratory
  • No special medical education and experience in drug testing
  • No waste of money and time

You'll get accurate results (high quality and tested items) and guaranteed privacy.
Hire Drug Tests.com offer you only high quality products at low prices for you to control your health and the state of organism of your relatives, friends, applicants and employees. We guarantee you safe shopping and shipping by us! You are always welcome!

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